Thursday, November 28, 2019

Today Te Whare Kuaka were lucky enough to participate in a day of Paddle Boarding with Scotty and Jo from Sup Bros Paddle Boarding. the kids had a great time learning how to stay safe in and around the water and how to paddle board correctly.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Visual Pepeha

In Te Puawai we enjoy learning about Tikanga Maori or traditional ways Maori did things. We have been learning about 'Toku Pepeha'. Our Pepeha makes links to important parts of the environment, our whanau group, meeting place and other things that are important to Maori. When we introduce ourselves, using our pepeha, people make links and are able to identify where you are from and who you may be related to. Some of our class knew their own pepeha and used this to create their visual pepeha. The students who did not know their own pepeha were given the school pepeha to use. The following are some examples of the visual pepeha Te Puawai created.


Today Te Puawai and Te Kauru were lucky enough to take part in the 'have a go surfing' day at Ahipara, hosted by Far North Surf Bros. The students had an awesome time learning how to surf and learning about water safety. Here are some photos of the day:

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fathers Day Art

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers, Uncles, Papa's and caregivers of our Tamariki. The children in Te Puawai have worked hard to create cards and letters to thank you for everything you do for them. Here a few examples:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Cross Country

On Tuesday we competed against 5 other schools in our annual Cross Country. Overall it was a fantastic day and great weather. As a joint writing activity Te Puawai and Te Kauru came up with some descriptive sentences to describe how their experiences at the Cross Country. Take a look at what they came up with:

The contestants blanketed the grass like fresh, blue snow - Bailey.

I spotted a massive hill and sighed to myself - Serenade.

Finally, I could see the finish line but I was sinking in the stinky mud. Wait, that's not mud, its cow pats.
Disgusting!!!  Frano

My heart thumped nervously as we warmed up, ready to start - ?

I rolled down the hill like it was a huge wave of water and ended up squeaky clean at the end - Leah.

Everyone burst off the line in seconds, leaving Sir in the dust - Dylan.

Oh no……… a humongous, undodgeable mud pit was in the way - Serena.

I gallop through the gate getting a lucky start nearly hitting Tawa in the face - Harlen.

The oozing mud squelched between my toes - Aria.

I collapsed, feeling triumphant but unfortunately, I didn’t make the top ten - Paige.

We shot off like a bullet, into the distance - Yug.

I waited anxiously at the beginning with a tense grin - June.

As I was pushing my way to the top of the steep hill, I thought “yes, nearly there” - Charlize.

Go! Sir shouted, then everybody hurtled forward like a stampede - Jake.

I could see the rough, curved track with a lot of dried up cow pats - Isabella.

My heart was pounding, my legs felt like jelly but I knew I couldn’t give up, so I pushed
myself to keep going - Jasmine.

All competitors waited nervously for Mr Windelborn to break the awful news, begin the run - Elly.

I could hear the crowd slowly silencing, then there was nothing except the sound of thumping
feet down the hill - Darius.

As I ran down the hill, the wind flowed through my hair, giving me a refreshing breeze - Manaia.

Hill after hill! Finally a flat surface for me to run on, so I sprinted as hard as I could to get in the
top ten - Eva.

Halfway through the course, feeling quite dehydrated and puffing frequently - Lyrik.

The sound of mud oozing through my feet, squelching as the sludge got thicker - Izaak.

As I’m running I catch sight of Lake Ngatu, looking as flat as glass - Layton.

It was exhausting! I could see my rivals staggering behind me, trying to keep up - Caedance.

 After the race I was really thirsty and dehydrated - Tianah.

Before my race I was somewhat confident, but as soon as I had to go to the starting
line my legs started trembling and my heart started pounding - Bobby.

I started pumping my legs as hard as I could - Damon.

 I had been waiting for so long that I had become extremely nervous - Isaac J.

When it was my turn to race I got a bit nervous, especially because I thought I had
no chance against this many people - Kara.

We stretched & stretched until sir said, On your marks, get set, Go!! - Lincoln.

“Ok, focus on sprinting. Sprint, sprint, sprint” - Timo.

I was speechless, but at the same time I was so happy - Kalani.

Dad told me not to let the nerves take over - Lucas

When I finished my legs were dead! - Harry.

Every time an age group went, it got closer to my turn. I was getting nervous - Aurora.

It was nerve-racking and I was steaming hot - Hazel-Rose.

It was time to go home for a rest - Tristan.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

League Fun Day:

Last week 36 children traveled to Kaitaia to participate in the League Fun Day. Our students represented Paparore School well and again received praise from the event organisers and referees. It was a fabulous and the kids had a lot of fun. Well done Paparore!

Book Week Character Dress Up:

As part of Book Week we had a school dress up day. We had a diverse range of characters, showing Rereketanga, from different books. During the first learning block we enjoyed a 'Character Parade'.