Friday, March 20, 2020

Creative Writing:

WALT: We are learning to use descriptive detail in our writing and elaborate on our ideas.

Liv's dangerous pet:

I have a pet dragon. It is a water dragon. Her name is Splash. She spends most of her time underwater and her favourite food is ice blocks. She is very fast and very powerful. She can breath any form of water like ice and snow. She changes colors to light blue and white when she is in the snow and to light blue and purple when she is underwater. 

Kade's dangerous pet:

I have got a pet dragon called Ranger. He will  protect me forever. We will not forget each other because we are special mates. Ranger has wings so he can fly. He takes me to school every day and he will take me home everyday. He breathes fire at everyone who is mean to me. They will  get scorched and also we play hide and go seek together and with my cousins. We get Ranger to cook for us. When we get him to make dinner for us he warms the bath up too. He breathes his fire on the tub to heat it up for us. We have to ask  Ranger to warm up the bath if it gets cold so we don't waste water. He's fun to play with.

 His favorite food is corn and scraps and we get Ranger to eat the old food. When he got older he ate 6000 chickens.

Cassidy's dangerous pet:

My dragon is very sad because someone  was very mean to her friend.she is going to play in the sand.she was taking the sand to the ladder , it needs sand.My dragon is  making a sandcastle on the roof of the house.The sandcastle has shells on it the shells are green and pink. My dragon put the sandpit on the roof to trick Mr Masters.My dragon is going to the castle  because she is happy.

Cricket Festival Day

WALT: We are learning how to play cricket, using the correct techniques.

We were very fortunate to participate in Cricket sessions with Kea from Northland Cricket, last year. Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to have our Cricket Festival Day last year, so we had our own Cricket Festival Day today. The kids enjoyed the few minutes we got to enjoy playing cricket until it started to rain. We all ran for cover and decided to plan another cricket day in the near future.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Ripper Rugby

We were lucky enough to have Hannah Shalders from Northland Rugby come into school to teach us how to play Ripper Rugby. Te Puawai had great fun learning the rules of Ripper Rugby and playing some fun games as well.

Bug Survey

Our maths strand this term is Statistics. In Te Puawai we have been surveying and gathering data about what bugs we have around our school and how many there are.

In class we discussed what bugs we thought we might find:

14.dragon fly
15.butter fly
16.stick insect
By Mason T

We then walked around our Kura looking for five bugs that we had chosen from our list and recorded all the bugs we found. Each student chose different bugs.

Bug( :
How many? ( :
fruit fly 
By Zaviah

To show the data we had collected we made a bar graph:

By Mikayla.

What do plants need to grow?

In Te Puawai we have been learning about what plants need to grow. We read about photosynthesis in the article 'Gardening with Science'.

WALT: We are learning about what plants need to grow.

Then we made either a Google Draw or a Google Slide Show about the things that plants needed to grow:

By Lara

By Liv

Friday, February 21, 2020

Te Puawai's Assembly Term 1:

In Te Puawai we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and how it is an important part of our countries history. We learnt about it through Drama. We wrote a script based on an article we had read and came up with some actions to go with it. We made sure we spoke with loud, clear voices, used hand gestures, body language and facial expressions to show how our character was feeling. We had lots of laughs, especially when we got to dress up. We enjoyed sharing what we had learnt with our whanau and Kura.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Today Te Whare Kuaka were lucky enough to participate in a day of Paddle Boarding with Scotty and Jo from Sup Bros Paddle Boarding. the kids had a great time learning how to stay safe in and around the water and how to paddle board correctly.